Bodyweight Back Extension

Anyone looking to increase their back strength and improve spinal health should incorporate bodyweight back extensions into their workout routine. Back extensions are primarily a bodyweight exercise that can be easily performed at home without requiring equipment. This routine is a great way to start your day, as it wakes up the spine and prepares … Read more

How to do Bodyweight dips – Explained

To stay in shape, many people rely on bodyweight exercises. These exercises can be done at home with no equipment, making them a perfect option for busy workers who don’t have time to go to the gym. One of the most effective bodyweight exercises is bodyweight dips. This article will teach you how to do … Read more

Beginners running guide -Start running now – Weeks 1 to 5

Walking is great but if you wish to build on and perform more intense exercises then you should be thinking about running. To help you on your journey I will share with you this beginners running guide that helped me get out of the house and start to enjoy running. Walking It is very important … Read more