Hatha Yoga for beginners – Body ,mind and soul

What is Hatha Yoga

Yoga has significantly grown in popularity over the past few years, after many years of being seen as bizarre. Below we will look at Hatha yoga for beginners so that an understanding of Yoga can be understood.

After the initial agreement, Former critics have now recognised Yoga as an essential skill and art form and have now embraced it as a way of Life.


The originators of the science of Yoga were way ahead of us in our stressful modern world. They recognised, thousands of years ago that every person requires a basic need for discipline.

This discipline will counteract deterioration caused by the modern way of Life on the physical body and spiritual mind. Individuals merely fight for day to day survival,

Seeing The law of Yoga as the law of Life is required. Hatha yoga embodies the secrets of successful living, health, and mindfulness. It shows how profound and ancient truths can be combined with a way of Life acceptable to the modern mind.

Yoga evolved from the Veda, which is one of the most ancient scriptural books known to humanity. Within this book, Indian saints and sages taught us that the Universe is one and that all religions are paths climbing the same mountain towards Eternal Truth. Sri Ramakrishna, the great modern saint, is often quoted as saying, ‘As many faiths, so many paths.’

All such technics are neither a religion nor a cult. The Hindu system created to effect a reunion with God and meditation. It is a philosophy that integrates Life and the surrounding world to achieve harmony and equilibrium in the heart and mind.

How is physical health a part of Hatha Yoga?

Dividing our well being into the body, spirit, and soul, we echo Yogic philosophy which has three approaches. Asana (posture), pranayama (breath control), and meditation— these three are combined into a single standard path toward self-discovery.

One of the fundamental lessons of Yoga is that God is within every one of us, but will reveal Himself only if conditions of purity exist, both spiritually and physically. To reach a state of “purity”, one must function on a higher level, either mentally or physically.

The initial step is to rid the body of any impurities that could cause disease or which suppress spiritual development.

“To see the light clearly through a window, it must be kept clean.”


This principle of purification underlines all Yogic practice, to establish a balance in the body so that it functions as a perfect machine. When this ideal state of physical balance is acquired mind control can then be achieved through pure thoughts and reason.

Many modern-day plagues such as indigestion, asthma, a thumping headache, or any other of the ills and stress symptoms inhibit the successful employment of the techniques of mind control. Physical ailments and lack of functionally freedom place enormous strains on the body and mind. The creation of the disciplined science of Hatha Yoga frees the body from any restrictions.

The body and mind may be able to be separated. However, each area will always affect the health of each other. We can, therefore, see why it is so essential not to let stress and physical ail­ments limit each area’s growth.

Universal Spirit

Everyone does not have a religious reason or a mystical one or wishes even to achieve union with God, the Universal Spirit. Creating this union may be the primary aim of all Yoga, but everyone doesn’t want to follow this path, but like me does like to understand how to improve one’s health.

Many people’s lives are full of worry and stress; they feel Yoga will do nothing for them and that the whole philosophy is vague, impractical, and nonsense.

Therefore looking at Hatha Yoga for beginners may help understand some fundamental principles.

What is the aim of Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga provides a compelling answer to the many problems of our modern Life. You can take an active part in everyday living and use Yoga as protection from the numerous stresses you can build up.

Best results are obtained by exercising, practising breathing, and relaxation. However, you will not need to live like a hermit to achieve success and improved health through the teachings of Hatha Yoga will come to those that learn.

I recognised and wasn’t interested in the spiritual side of Yoga and didn’t wish to spend years meditating and focusing on a mental journey toward finding and fully understanding  – God and Life.

Asking- How then can Yoga help? You may be asking the same question.

What are the problems?

The ideal point in Hatha Yoga for beginners is to ask your self a few questions.

  • Overworked, Stressed, and always tense ?, I would expect you to find it impossible to relax even in bed at night?
  • Overweight and lack the will-power to diet?
  • Are you searching for something beyond your everyday routine?
  • Do you suffer from various symptoms of stress?
  • Are you irritable, worried, anxious, or nervous?

The first step in your journey is to reach a state of heightened consciousness. This journey will help achieve the perfection of the physical body through Hatha Yoga. The power of Yoga has something to offer to everyone, which becomes very apparent when you start your journey into its teachings.

Hatha Yoga for beginners allows preparation for all of the other forms of Yoga.

This preparation is because of its significant benefits for the mind and body. It is the most popular form and the most easily fitted into the modern lifestyle.

Yogis created Hatha Yoga when they recognised that the first thing people require is good health. They focused upon the best ways of attaining and preserving this.

Hatha Yoga has always been a source of interest to me. I still ponder how can anyone meditate while in pain or suffering any physical discomfort yet see many doing just this.

How can Hatha Yoga help me?

Hatha Yoga helps you towards improving health and calming your mind. In doing so enabling you to  solve problems with greater clarity,

I MUST stress two things

1. Hatha Yoga will not get you a superior muscular physique or those six-pack abs. However  – It will show how discipline and cleansing of the body will help you deal with daily problems. Therefore, you will be able to reach a state of heightened control of the mind and awareness of the world around us.

2. Hatha Yoga is neither the easiest or the fastest system of gaining physical results.

Why then is Hatha Yoga good for your health?

Why should we not just complete weight lifting, club swinging, athletics, or even dancing routines? All of these would quickly improve circulation and strengthen our muscles. What benefits has Hatha Yoga for beginners to offer over these?

Hatha Yoga for beginners will enhance your control over your body and awaken the mind and spirit; you will be a higher self if you like,  not purely physical health but mentally as well. The activities, as mentioned earlier, are initially beyond the capabilities of many beginners. Those activities can involve violent movement, whereas Hatha Yoga is essentially a static science.

A person should get into a Yoga posture “asana” and remain there for as long as possible.

Glands, organs, and muscles are stressed to achieve desired results; however, movements in Hatha Yoga, are always gentle and graceful. Therefore not as per my usual routines which are short and intense.

However, with Yoga being a universal science, it can benefit anyone regardless of age, sex, race or religious beliefs. It can lead to a new awareness of how functional your body is and enable you to rid your body of its pains, diseases. You will also notice that your mind will not wander and you will be less stressed.

Lord Buddha’s teachings on the Veda from which Yoga evolved from, said

“The initial step on the way to spiritual freedom and salvation is perfect physical health”.


Do not be put off by doubters!. They might tell you that you will never reach a state of heightened consciousness. Sitting upside down, bending yourself into various postures, and deep breathing solves nothing?

Kindly advise them that if the blood is impure, then the brain is, the nerves, the psycho-spiritual Life, yes even their thoughts, cannot but be affected.

Advise them that control of the mind makes the body more healthy and any Improvements to your mental state will assist you in recovering faster and will improve your health beyond your spiritual limitations.


You will find once you gain further knowledge of  Yoga, it will begin to influence and help you in your daily Life both mentally and physically and without you knowing It will gradually transform every part of your Life, Eg

Your attitude will improve and be more focused

How you sleep, breathe and think will be in sync with your thoughts

As a Hobby, It is impossible to practice Hatha Yoga and hope to keep it separate from other aspects of your Life.

It must and will eventually influence every thought you make. It will not make you a different person or even a better one, but into your real self, removing any false values, and unreasonable fears and inhibitions.

You may be alarmed and if you are in any way or you feel that Yoga is going to be far too complicated, let me assure you that Yoga cannot be anything but beneficial. Yoga is not, as I stressed earlier, a religion, but if you devote your whole lives to it, you will seem to many as saintly and intensely spiritual. Devotees of Hatha Yoga, as well as the other Yogas, prove that though Hatha’s province is the physical body and its perfection, Hatha Yoga is also a spiritual discipline.

Considering Hatha Yoga either as a particular subject in itself or linked to other forms of Yoga, whatever your reason Yoga can and will help you with your everyday problems on all levels.

Growing healthier and more relaxed, you will become more gentle, less inclined to be irritated or you’re your temper.

Yoga provides the much-needed counter-weight for the ever-increasing number of nervous, Anxious, mental, and physical concerns witnessed in our modern LifeLife.

Eight types of Yoga

Below you will find the eight sections of yogic culture.

  • Yama—ethics.
  • Niyama—religious.
  • Asana—postures.
  • Pranayama—breathing.
  • Pratyahara—senses
  • Dhyarana—-concentration.
  • Dhyana—meditation.
  • Samadhi—super-consciousness.

You should be primarily be concerned with Asana and Pranayama, which are the beginning of all Yoga teachings. However, we will investigate other areas later. People cannot gain mastery over themselves and learn the secrets of the Universe with our starting with the basics. According to Yoga Shastras, the Yoga postures “asanas” total a staggering 840,000, but the important ones thankfully only number less than 100. If you head over to Hatha yoga poses for beginners to continue with some poses.

If you are starting your journey or have started, please drop me your thoughts below _ The ride will be long yet very fruitful,

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  1. I enjoyed reading your article! It reminds me of what I learned in Biology pertaining to osmosis. The law is “high concentration to low, never low to high.” As we quiet our mind and allow in the energy of the cosmos, or in other words God, huge transformations may occur. As you mentioned, we live in a stressed out world so these quiet times are much needed in my opinion. If I may say, and not be thought of as ‘kooky’, I feel like our main goal in life is to become closer to God. I also feel as though connecting your mind and body can be difficult, but that is what practice is for. As we increase our vibrations, we increase to become closer to the source.

    • Thank you for your reply – I do agree time to quiet the mind is very much needed in todays modern world – Energy or stress is not meant to be kept but you should allow for good or bad energy to floe through you . Learn from it and enjoy the journey but remember the direction you are going to reach your over all goals. 

  2. Wow, this is really good because I have heard for a while about the awesomeness of hatha yoga. I am happy because you have here educated me about Yoga itself which in my own opinion is a very good thing. I am very grateful that you were able to share this with me here. It seems like it is a thing that is spiritual and soul-based. I will join a yoga class soon. Nice post.

    • Thank you John , you are correct Hatha yogi is however more concerned with your health and mind – if you are looking for a truly spiritual yoga there are many teachings to look out for 

  3. Everyday life is full of stress and worry. For years now I have been hearing about yoga as a practice that can provide one’s physical and mental health. Hatha Yoga seems to combine these features. I would love to know more about this and start some exercises as a beginner. I was wondering if I could find some related videos. Thanks for your excellent and helpful article.

    • Hatha Yoga is indeed a great place to start with Yoga because it ensures you get a grounding in the two main principles – Mind and body. Keep an eye open for your requested related videos which will be available soon  

  4. Being someone who finds delight in getting the answers of life, there is a need for me to always question more and more and the only way to satisfy my curiosity is to keep on looking for ways to find answers to my questions. Hence, I found this post very helpful and eye opening a lot. Thanks for talking about hatha yoga. This is really great and thank you for sharing here. The benefits are really immense for people who really practise this yoga. 

  5. It is very true that Yoga has really changed the way things are done and many people are beginning to see the meditation process as a way to relax their minds, body soul and spirit. I think that this is something that I personally need to give more attention to as well and this is exactly what I will do. It was really nice to learn some more about Hatha Yoga. Thanks

  6. Hey, love the article, but could not help to wonder, Is Hatha Yoga for everyone?
    What I mean is: like you mentioned, it’s not just something you do on the side, but an all out lifestyle, life experience if you’d like. Does that mean that before you get into Hatha Yoga, you should make sure you’re up for it?


    • Due to the many different types of yoga available – i would suggest if you are interested in yoga to investigate each . I have started my journey with Hatha because it involves the two areas i need help with eg: my health and Mind. As time goes past i may look into other types and build on my knowledge as i acquire it . I would suggest as for any new experience- ensure you are in a safe environment and give it a go _ assess the potential risks and minimize them. Remember Yoga may seem easy but it can be give you a very intense workout particularly if you have had a stressful day .


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