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Do you have a timer? If not, you’re missing out on one of the most efficient ways to work out. Using a timer for every minute on minute (EMOM) workout is a great way to make sure that your workouts are as effective as possible. In this blog post, we’ll discuss where to find timers and how to use them for your next EMOM workout!

What is an EMOM timer?

Every minute on minute timers will countdown every 60 seconds and then beep when it reaches 0, usually with an alarm. We have seen many during our time working out, Some can cost hundreds, and some are free.


We have found that free ones are not specific to exercising or easily used.

Due to the Above, we have shared a series of Timers available on youtube, which we have used in our Home gym with significant effect.

These are our gift to you, the reader – If you require any additional lengths of time, please let us know below, and we will create these for you.

Please note thou we specialise in short workouts tips and would not find timers beyond 30minutes of benefit.

When should I use an EMOM timer?

You can use this type of timer for any exercise, whether strength training, cardio or agility work. It depends on your goals, but there are many benefits to using EMOM timers. For example, if you’re looking to improve your strength or endurance, using a timer can help to ensure that you’re working at the correct intensity for the desired outcome.

Additionally, EMOM timers are great for HIIT workouts as they allow you to work for a set amount of time and then rest for the same amount of time. The built-in rest helps prevent overtraining and keeps your heart rate elevated throughout the workout!

So, you’re ready to get started?

Great – we’ve got a list of timers for every minute on the minute workouts below. If there’s one thing we can say with certainty about EMOM timers: they are an absolute must-have.

How do I use an EMOM timer?

Using an every minute on minute timer is simple- all you have to do is set the time for how long you want your workout to be and then start it! The timer will countdown every 60 seconds and beep when it reaches 0, letting you know that it’s time to move on to the next exercise or repeat the first.

EMOM timers are also great for Tabata workouts!

Please find below a series of Timers to use for all your EMOM Workouts.


10 Minute EMOM Timer

A Classic, 10-minute timer is our go-to every minute on minute timer. If you are looking to use this timer, it is best suited for beginners or those who want a lightweight workout. The workout duration is short enough to be effective or in a combination of exercise sets.

However, if you have any questions regarding this or would like us to include more timers, please leave your thoughts below, and we will add them in.

Give the below exercises a try.

Kettlebell Swings

  • 10 Swings every minute – Building the number of reps every workout up to 30 Reps – Then it is time to increase your weight and drop the reps.


  • Build to 30 per minute

Air Squats

  • Build to 30 per minute


  • Build from dead hangs to Max sets

For instance, other timers, such as a Tabata timer, are great to mix things up or try longer or shorter timers as your needs require.


Top 5 Questions

#1 How do you feel the EMOM timer impacts your exercise performance?

Every minute on minute timers encourages you to do your best every time you workout. It is an excellent way to remind you that every second counts, and then I need to push harder if I want better results. This type of thinking has helped tremendously build confidence while exercising as well!

#2 Do you prefer to use an EMOM time or a stopwatch?

I like to use an EMOM timer because it is specific to the time I am working out. This means that I don’t have to worry about switching timers or adjusting times- the timer does everything for me!

When using a stopwatch, you might find yourself having to adjust the time depending on how long your exercises take. This can be disruptive to your workout and cause you to lose focus.

#3 Would there be any advantage to using a Two-minute interval instead of 1?

There are definite advantages to using every two minutes on minute timers, primarily if your workout is focused on strength training. For example, every time an interval ends at 60 seconds (the end of one repetition), you can switch exercises and have more rest time between sets! This means that there will be less fatigue for each exercise performed in every two-minute interval workout.

Two-minute intervals also allow you to increase your intensity by performing more reps in the same period of time (60 seconds). This leads to better results because it means that every set you do has more work done per rep than if they were performed every one minute instead!

#4 Have you used an EMOM as a way to train heavyweights as well as for HIIT circuits?

I have used every minute on minute timers for my training, specifically when doing heavyweights. It helps me stay focused and not get distracted by anything else in the gym! It also gives me a sense of urgency, so each set feels like an accomplishment instead of just another rep.

#5 How does it differ from other timekeeping options, such as counting rounds?

When counting rounds, you have to remember every time an interval ends at 60 seconds (the end of one repetition). This can be disruptive to your workout and cause you to lose focus. You also may not know what exercise comes next until much later in the round or set when it’s too late for any adjustments! It’s important to use every minute on the minute timers because they remind us every time an interval ends at 60 seconds (the end of one repetition). This helps keep our focus and not lose track of what comes next in a workout.


Ready to work out like a pro? Use the provided Every minute on minute timer, and you’ll be able to time your sets and workouts like a boss. Remember that these timers are great for general activities, but if you’re doing something more specific (like HIIT), you may want something else specific – let us know below.

Feeling pumped up and ready to go? Let’s get started!

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