6 Benefits of high intensity interval training?

Firstly we should understand what high intensity Interval training is then we will look at what are the benefits of high intensity interval training.

High-intensity interval training is often shortened to “HIIT”.

High-intensity interval training is probably the best workout for fat burning.

With HIIT you need to alternate between a short burst of laborious exercise and a short period of natural recovery. For instance,3-5 minute warm-up (raise the heart rate and warm the body up).

Perform 1 minute at a slightly harder than average cardio pace and then bring the intensity down to a cool-down speed for another minute. Switchback and forth several times and complete a 3-5 minute cool-down.

It’s short and intense.

Several studies have shown that interval training offers higher fat burning and weight loss than average, slow cardio.

It is proven that high-intensity interval training workouts improve fat burning. Still, high interval training workouts can be much shorter and require far less workout time than regular cardio workouts.

However, many people resist switching to fat-burning high-intensity workouts.

This resistance is because They are also hung up on a marathon type mentality. They think keeping the heart rate raised is the essential component of a fat-burning exercise. But that is not true. Instead, the amount of “WORK” completed being the most crucial workout factor.

If you increase the intensity, as occurs in high-intensity interval training, You complete more work and put more stress on the muscles in less time.

Subsequently, your heart rate goes up and then comes way back down during recovery and by doing so, burning more fat.

Your heart rate need not stay constant for 30 minutes or an hour for this to happen.

Arguably the most significant problem many have with HIIT is that they do not allow enough rest during recovery.

It is easy to become addicted to an elevated heart rate. Please ensure you do not skimp on recovery.

Skipping recovery leads to a decrease in the intensity you can hold and therefore reduces the total work or total fat burning done per session.

Therefore, the quality and intensity of the session are of utmost importance.

Ensure you focus on form before adding weight.

On the other hand, during the recovery section, you must reduce your volume of work. The recovery section allows your heart rate to lower and to work hard during the next work interval as such high interval training is full of many ups and downs.

On a scale of 1-10, each workout section needs to be an intensity above 8.

( 10 being maximum effort, unable to speak at all ).

Then during the recovery phase, the intensity should drop below 3.

To give you a perspective a regular 30-minute cardio workout would be considered a 6/10 intensity level. Try it out

#1 Equipment – not required

Running, biking, jump roping, and rowing are all great for HIIT. However, you don’t need any equipment to start. Performing High knees, running on the spot, jumping lunges or even practising your skipping technique works very well.

Raising your heart rate as fast as possible will reap significant benefits.

Some equipment like dumbbells or gym machines can make HIIT less effective. They are less useful because you want the focus to be on pushing your heart to its max. You shouldn’t be focusing upon lifting heavyweights.

You can perform HIIT anywhere.

#2 Greater progression

Progress - Past Present and Future

The high-intensity workout you can’t do while reading blogs on your smartphone or chatting with your friend. Because it’s so short, you’ll be working hard the whole time.

Seasoned exercisers will reach new heights.

Beginner exercisers will witness quick results.

A benefit of HIIT that other workouts just don’t provide. HIIT high-intensity intervals may have you breathing very hard, but you definitely won’t be bored.

The more you put into a HIIT routine, the more significant benefits you get out.

#3 Motivation

Short HIIT workouts help overcome difficulties with motivation and finding time to exercise.

No Excuses

#4 Efficiency

Low-intensity exercise does have its place; it’s less stressful on joints. However, you should be aware that body fat reduction does depend on the total energy expenditure and how many calories are burned. The faster you move, or the more weight you lift, the more calories you use per minute.

However, high-intensity exercise may be challenging to sustain for beginners.

You may not exercise very long at this initially but will progress quickly. In such incidences, it is safer and more motivating to start at a lower intensity and to work your way up gradually.

However, if you are short of time or wish to be efficient as possible, you MUST increase the intensity, Raise the heart rate and get that sweat on.

Another study just two weeks of high-intensity intervals improves your aerobic capacity as much as six to eight weeks of endurance training.

#5 Fat loss

The body continues to burn fat reserves even after you’ve finished working out – if you work out properly, that is.

You may be thinking that this isn’t new information but, the higher intensity, the longer these benefits last. Combining high-intensity workouts with the diet that limits chemicals and E numbers lets your body reset itself and turn into a fat-burning machine. You can watch the pounds melt away while you enjoy your new body.

High-intensity exercise and cutting out processed foods has got to be one of the best ways to lose weight.

Numerous studies show that HIIT stimulates the production of your human growth hormone (HGH). Exercising above the lactate threshold amplifies the HGH pulsatile release during the 24 hours after you finish your workout.

HGH is not only responsible for increasing your caloric burn, but it also slows down the ageing process—one of the sneaky benefits of HIIT workouts.

why not try the below exercises

  • Deadlifts
  • pull-ups
  • push-ups
  • Bench presses

20-minute sessions of interval training can show results in the same calorie burn over 24 hours as an hour of continuous low-intensity exercise. So that means that an after-burn effect is present and more significant after the high-intensity intervals — but it levels out after a while.

#6 Health Improvement

Studies have shown that intense, interval-based training forms, like HIIT, help blood flow and blood vessel dilation. These effects were particularly notable with those who have type 2 diabetes, where blood flow improvements were noticed within an hour or two of finishing.

Researchers noted that those who do HIIT workouts had better-managed glucose levels than those that do not.

Researchers in the University of Alabama released a study suggesting that HIIT can improve the quality of life, motor functions, and mood of people living with Parkinson’s.

This research could be revolutionary if researched further, as Parkinson s as a condition specifically attacks the motor functions of the human body. Researchers have seen improvements in patients muscle control, balance, and sense of well-being compared to those who had not undertaken high-intensity training.

Recent research has suggested that HIIT workouts can reverse signs of cellular ageing.

This reversal occurs through improving the body’s production and synthesis of proteins which in turn can help fight signs of ageing. Besides, HIIT workouts have been shown to combat muscle degradation in age.


Even if you only have five minutes to spare, I do hope you are more aware of what are the benefits of high-intensity interval training and ways you can fit in a very efficient HIIT workout.

Perhaps trying Tabata?

Tabata is a style of HIIT that specifies 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated as time allows.

Why not start with one of these unbelievably quick workouts now?

Many people may find it challenging to achieve the recommended 2 hours and 30 minutes of moderate exercise each week.

A variety of reasons for this can be suggested as the cause, but a lack of time is the most stated reason.

It should be remembered that not getting enough regular exercise can increase the risk of certain health conditions, and It can be noted that you can achieve significant benefits from only 1 -2 hours a week of high-intensity training.

Remember that HIIT sessions can be as short as 15–30 minutes. While still being able to provide equal or superior benefits in comparison with more extended periods of moderate-intensity exercise.

No equipment is required to perform HIIT, and therefore workouts are possible at home, in a park at the beach and can be performed at any time that suits.

Where will you perform your next workout? or where have you seen people working out that surprised you most?

If you have any tips or suggestions regarding HIIT workouts please let us all know below

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  1. Heloo Dear,  I want to say a big thanks to you for sharing this insightful and informative post on the benefits of high intensity  interval training. High intensity interval training does really have so many benefits, it indeed the best training excercises for fat burning. This was what my brother actually adopted during his fat burning Quest and it really turned out nice, I will recommend this to anyone.

    • Very glade your brother had success with high intensity exercises, please remember it offers many other benefits for instance confidence, mental well-being. 

  2. I do not think that I have an ounce of fat in my body but I would love to recommend this wonderful article to my nieces and friends who are fat and are dying to discover proven ways to burn fat. This high intensity interval training will really help them out. It’s a good thing I found out this article now. My niece would love it. Thanks very much for the useful information contained in this tremendously amazing review. You are highly appreciated. 

    • Thank you Sami For the kind words . You are correct high intensity is great for burning fat but you shouldn’t forget the many other benefits mentioned . The two or three fold benefits , losing weight , increased mental strength , more confidence . If you neice is still apprehensive may I suggest body weight for beginners

  3. thanks for sharing such an informative review on high intensity training, in a glance, HIIT is a great, safe, and effective workout, but there’s no need to do it every day.Keep it to three times per week. You’ll still reap the benefits and give your body time to recover properly. Aaptiv has strength training and HIIT workouts you can do at any time…
    thanks for sharing

    • I do agree that you must take a rest and three days a week is often suggested , I would suggest listening  you body rather than being strict with three days a week ( you could be reducing the progression you could make) . 

      I workout on a three day cycle . Three days on and 1 day off . Mixing up routines and body parts worked allows this , I would  suggest starting with a 1 on 1 off schedule and see how you feel. 

      Perhaps fitting in a body weight session if you feel stiff from previous weights session .

      enjoy your journey Brian


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