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Hi and Welcome to shortandIntense.com,

I want to share a selection of my favourite exercises, routines, product reviews and workouts that I have found beneficial during my continued understanding of my limitations. They have and are aiding my own personal improvements to my long term health and well-being.

After many years of jumping from one workout to another, I felt that I could spare many people the frustration and expense that this “workout hopping” has caused me.

The knowledge gained over 30 years of activity and 20 years+ of working in Quality management will be brought together here at shortandintense.com. 

My aim is to bring you clear breakdowns and product reviews.

I have grown a mindset that life gives and takes, and as long as you gain more than you are losing – you will end up better each day.

My experience and learning will be passed on clearly and concisely. This knowledge will enable you to gain fitness improvements and make products purchased based upon clear, concise reviews based on REAL purchases or personal experiences.

Follow a structured approach to your life. You can make more significant faster gains by learning from mistakes and continually improving and evolving.

This mindset has led me to adopt a structured approach that is seldom witnessed in the fitness industry and allows me to see faster results in a shorter amount of time.

Planning, exercising, reviewing and taking action to allow everybody to learn more efficiently.


Since my early teens, I have been a regular in many sporting groups, from rugby to martial arts. I was a regular runner, cyclist and swimmer, but as my family grew, unfortunately, so did my waistline.

Being brought up in the Sussex countryside, being active was often taken for granted. Still, I realised that my children were beginning to outgrow my fitness levels as the years went by.

“Have you ever tried to keep up with a determined ten years old?”

I wanted to share and experience more life outside with my family.

I needed to be able to keep up with my growing children.

But how?

It was time to bring my years of Quality assurance experience and put together a clear action plan.


I researched and investigated, looking for the holy grail of routines, nutrition or supplements.

I can name them all by reading motivational, functional fitness, yoga, and kettlebell.

Further focus on muscle group’s weaknesses aiding progression to more intense workouts started to ring true.

” have you ever been stuck?

“I’ll explain if a step back or forwards if recommended.”

Some research involved purchasing odd contraptions, buying foods I’d never heard of or could afford and supplements which promised to boost workouts and, on occasions slimming aids.

Some workouts required no changes except paying a monthly subscription and mindlessly playing. Follow the leader with the rest of the group.

My mind was full of contradictory information, and I was bored and not healthier.

I always thought I wasn’t working out long enough! But how wrong I was!

“more time does not equal better results.”

After spending many lost hours within conventional gyms away from my family, I noticed only small gains being made and dealing with the same issues. 

Sore back 

Lack of flexibility 

and knees that make some very odd noises.

Having thrown out more gimmicks than I can remember, I had to find something that would work and fit with my life choices.


Life opened my eyes in 2014.

I had to focus on my family. 

After a suspected heart attack left me stunned at the young age of 39, I started to slowly look at my lifestyle.

Little actual activity, poor diet and stress had all moulded me into someone I did not wish to be.

I did not match the person I had visioned I would have been as a child.

Over the next few years, I started to learn an older body has to be wiser in choosing activities, 

My priorities moved to three main areas 

  • Reduce injuries / lost time 
  • Continual improvement and progress
  • Motivation and Learning

With the above in mind, I looked at my experience in quality management techniques.

“If I can fix and improve processes and procedures.” 

I had a plan, and short and intense was born,

 Many topics have been researched within the fitness industry, and I came across more efficient exercise methods.

Better results in less than a quarter of the time have been achieved.

Continual improvements

Follow my journey “Diary – Road to 50 and beyond.”

My family has started to witness increased energy levels and less stress, but we have a long journey.

My fitness journey is currently being completed mainly within my home garage gym.

This setup is currently perfect and allows me to fit in short, intense workouts whenever the time is available.

I have also adapted many workouts to allow my children to join me on my journey, and so can you.

Less time exercising = more time with family

 I have tremendous experience in quality, best practices, process improvements, health and safety, and quality procedures. This expertise will be shared through detailed product reviews, step-by-step exercises, and routine operations.

I’ve implemented and improved various quality systems from ISO, Aerospace and Automotive companies. Now it’s time to improve me and share this information with you.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, please feel free to leave them below.

I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,













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