What is the difference between Bodybuilding and Functional fitness -Lets explore

Bodybuilding, by definition, is a “cosmetic.” discipline. In bodybuilding competitions, you are judged on how you look, not by how you perform but what is the difference between bodybuilding and functional fitness? You can use light weights or heavyweights, slow reps or fast reps, extended workouts or short workouts its entirely irrelevant. The single aspect … Read more

Lower body Kettlebell exercises -1 2 3 Go

Kettlebells if you do not know what they are id suggest heading over to best-kettlebell-exercises-for-beginners.Otherwise, Let’s hit the ground running and review the main lower-body kettlebell exercises  Understanding each different activity and how you can progress from one to the other will help you determine which exercise to used to ensure you are working at the … Read more

Skipping for exercise benefits – The Top 10

So you have heard or even tried skipping or jumping rope well I am going to show you the main skipping for exercise benefits as I see them. These benefits are based upon my many years working towards adding double unders to skipping routines. I’ll explain the main benefits of this great exercise, share with … Read more

Exercise tips for beginners – The top 10

We alone start as beginners, and I started my journey some 30 years ago. I have joined many gyms and launched many new fads and initially looked for exercise tips for beginners. I have been coached and coached myself, yet the questions I am always asking or even hear being asked is? What are the … Read more

What are the benefits of high intensity interval training? lets find out

Firstly we should understand what high-intensity training is then we will look at what are the benefits of high-intensity interval training. High-intensity interval training often shortened to “HIIT”. High-intensity interval training is probably the best workout for fat burning. With HIIT you need to alternate between a short burst of laborious exercise and a short … Read more

What is weight lifting for beginners – Agrhhhh

We will be starting our look at What is weight lifting for beginners with a rundown of the different areas. We will then look at the benefits of each type. Weight lighting is an excellent way to up the intensity of any workout. Imaging walking, now imaging walking gin a weight vest, Now with a … Read more

Abdominal exercises for beginners – Light up that core!

Working your Abdominal muscles is always seen to be the one area everyone heads too. If you think about it every movement you do will work this area; however, I would start slow because overdoing abdominal exercises for beginners will leave you in pain from such things as coughing or in extremes breathing !! The … Read more

How to build grip strength – you know you wanna!

  Grip strength is probably one of the first shows of force you exhibit, Have you ever witnessed a new baby grip your finger tight? They certainly don’t need to know how to build grip strength !  From this pure beginner level, we gradually develop a grip which will allow you to be remarkable. Are … Read more